Abeer is a 25-year-old Syrian woman. Already in her teenage years, it was found that one of her heart valves was malformed and did not work properly. In the years that followed, there was an increasing deterioration of the valve function but also the heart function. The heart valve therefore had to be replaced by an artificial one. To consider Abeer's wish for a child, Abeer was given a biological heart valve. Although such a valve has a shorter service life, it offers the advantage that a blood thinner is only briefly necessary.


Unfortunately, less than two years after the first operation blood clots formed in the area of the inserted heart valve. Another operation was urgently necessary because the heart function steadily deteriorated, too, and Abeer's life was at risk. However, it was impossible for Abeer to finance this second operation, and ‘we care’ took therefore over the costs.

The doctors decided to replace the biological heart valve through a mechanical one. This valve should last longer but requires a lifelong blood thinning. A pregnancy with blood thinning is not impossible but with risks for mother and child and can therefore only take place under close medical care and monitoring. For now, however, Abeer must recover from the surgery which went well but weakened Abeer very much. Later, the question of having a child will certainly come up again. Will Abeer's wish be fullfilled?

Abeer is an engineer. Because of her poor state of health she was unable to work. Her father passed away many years ago. Abeer lives together with her mother who receives a small pension. In addition, both women are supported by their relatives in a very modest way.

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