Asal is a pretty little girl who suffers from early childhood strabismus. After a successful corrective surgery for horizontal strabismus, a second surgery to correct vertical strabismus was urgently needed but it was impossible for Asal's family to finance this surgery. ‘We care’ covered the costs for this second eye surgery for which Asal's age was an ideal time. The family is very happy because without the operation the probability of Asal's vision being limited later on would be very high. Asal's ophthalmologist confirmed the good result of this second operation as well.


Asal shortly before the second operation

Asal has a sister. Two nieces, 14 and 17 years old, who lost their mother to cancer, also live in the same household. Asal's father earns about $ 60 per month, which is barely enough to make ends meet for the 6-person household. Asal's mother is a housewife.


Asal after two successful eye operations

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