The 15-year-old Azab and her three younger siblings live with their widowed mother in a Syrian village on the edge of the desert. The family lives in great poverty. The salary the mother receives for her cleaning work is scarcely sufficient for the family's most essential needs. In addition to the financial problems, there are the worries about Azab who is paralyzed on one side since birth. Already several times Azab fell due to her physical limitation. In the course of time, the tendons in Azab's paralyzed right hand as well as the Achilles tendon of the paralyzed right foot shortened. This increases the risk for further falls, the shortened tendons also lead to pain. ‘We care’ paid the costs for both necessary operations. First, Azab's hand was operated with good results, in the second operation the shortened Achilles tendon was lengthened.


Azab's future is rather bleak. Through the hemiplegia it will be very difficult for her to find a job. However, the operations have led to a significant reduction of Azab's pain.

January 2023
Azab has received the orthopedic shoes she needs after the foot surgery. ‘We care’ paid for the shoes. They give Azab better grip when walking but also protect the paralyzed foot. Before the operation, Azab very often went barefoot because her mother could not afford to buy her proper footwear.

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