In 2011, Dipu, then 18 years old, collapsed while working in the fields near his village in the state of West Bengal, India. The reason was a brain haemorrhage. Further examinations in the hospital revealed the cause of the haemorrhage to be a major vascular malformation in Dipu's brain. For financial reasons, Dipu's parents, who live in very poor circumstances, could not comply with the urgent recommendation to have Dipu examined further in a special clinic and, if possible, to have the vascular malformation closed (embolisation).

Dipu mit seinen Eltern

Dipu and his parents

In the following years, three more brain haemorrhages occurred; twice Dipu needed brain surgery. To pay for these operations, his family sold their land. Since the last haemorrhage in early 2020, Dipu has had muscle weakness in the right side of his body. A family friend turned to ‘we care’ because Dipu's parents could no longer afford his medication.

Since the next brain haemorrhage was only a matter of time and could possibly lead to severe disability or even death for Dipu, ‘we care’ decided to have Dipu examined in a special clinic. An Indian neuroradiologist working in Zurich immediately agreed to help and contacted a colleague in Kolkata who quickly arranged a consultation appointment for Dipu.

The clarifications showed that the vascular malformation could be closed (embolisation). The intervention was without complications. The costs for Dipu's hospital stay and the embolisation were covered by the Indian government.

The closure of the vascular malformation has no influence on Dipu's physical impairments caused by the four brain haemorrhages, but the possibility of a further brain haemorrhage has now become much smaller. Through physiotherapeutic measures which ‘we care’ makes possible for Dipu, there is hope that the physical limitations can at least be alleviated. Dipu also continues to need medication and regular check-ups in Kolkata. These costs will be covered by ‘we care’.

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