A fish pond for Shyamali's father

(“Help for self-help”)
Fischteich Shyamalis Vater

Shyamali has been in our sponsorship program for some years. She was able to complete her training as a nurse at the top of her class. With her parents, a brother and grandmother she lives in a thatched mud hut without sanitary facilities in a small village in the state of West Bengal/India. Her father works as a day labourer, her mother partly as a cleaning lady in the nearby hospital. The father owns a small piece of land on which he could – with the support of ‘we care’ – build a fish pond to breed various carp and perch-like fish. Although they also enrich the family's menu, the father will mainly sell the fish on the market. This additional income will not only supplement the family's meagre income, it also allows Shyamali's younger brother to complete a good school education.

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