Fatima's radiant smile takes everybody in for her. She is a pretty 13-year-old girl, a bit shy, who lives with her 3-year-old sister in small town in Syria. The father is a casual worker and earns an equivalent to about CHF 30 per month. The mother is a housewife.


As an infant, Fatima fell ill with diabetes. Since then she requires insulin which the family gets free of charge from a health centre. The mother reports that Fatima checks her blood glucose twice a day and also takes care not to eat too many sweets. Nevertheless, the girl repeatedly suffers from bladder infections, cough, and sniffles which indicates that her blood sugar may not be very well managed. That probably is the reason why Fatima hardly sees anything anymore with her right eye due to an already heavily clouded lens. The lens had to be removed and was replaced by an artificial one. In addition, Fatima now needs glasses. For Fatima's parents it is financially impossible to pay for the operation and the glasses, so ‘we care’ took over the costs.

Fatima's little sister is also diabetic. Her mother has to inject her insulin every day.

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