Ghaith, a 4-year-old boy from Syria, suffers from a cerebral movement disorder with spasticity, caused by an oxygen deficiency at birth.

In addition, he has shortened Achilles tendons and flat feet on both sides which impaires his walking abilities significantly.

In a surgical procedure, financed by ‘we care’, the Achilles tendons were extended and both midfoot bones corrected so that Ghaith can achieve a better mobility in the future, however, due to the spastic paralysis, Ghaith will not be able to walk without help.


Ghaith after his operation in June 2021

Ghaith will need intensive physical therapy to improve his spastic movement restriction, and he needs medication against his epilepsy.

Ghaith has two older brothers. His mother is a housewife, his father earns about $ 30.- per month as a municipal worker in the road system. This is barely enough to even come close to making ends meet.

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