Help for self-help

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One of the declared goals of ‘we care’ is to help people help themselves wherever possible. In the case of our sponsored children or the children to whom we offer medical assistance, we clarify how to best help to improve the family's income. Have father and/or mother enjoyed an education? What skills do they have and what opportunities are available? Sometimes it's a sewing machine with a supply of fabric and thread that can provide a mother with an improved income. Or a father gets his own rickshaw and is no longer forced to turn over most of his earnings to the owner of the vehicle. In rural areas, it is often a cow or a goat that not only provides a daily glass of milk for the children but also improves the meager income with the sale of the milk. The manure also provides fuel and fertilizer for the small vegetable garden.

Here are two examples of how we care was able to help people help themselves:

Fischteich Shyamalis Vater

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