The bright, cheerful Jana from Syria was four years old when she suffered from a steadily watering right eye. The tear duct through which the tear fluid drains from the eye into the nose was constricted and obstructed the outflow. The tear duct had to be expanded in an operation so that the tear fluid can now again flow off unhindered. The ophthalmologist who performed the surgical procedure confirmed the good result of the operation.

Jana's parents are divorced. Her father is a farmer and earns monthly approx. $ 30.- of which he pays $ 10.- to his divorced wife and to his daughter.

Jana lives with her mother, who has no work, at her grandfather's. He sells cooked broad beans and fava beans – a popular dish in the Middle East – on a push cart in the streets.

Due to the poor circumstances, it was not possible for the family to pay for the surgery costs of approximately $ 250.-. ‘We care’ therefore assumed the financing.


Jana after the operation

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