Despite his disability and the pain he often feels, 12-year-old Laith is a cheerful child. He shares a special relationship with his sister who is very fond of him and spends much time with him. The father suffers of epilepsy and a mental disorder, the mother is a housewife. Since the father is unable to work, the family depends on social support which is provided at an absolute minimum. Unfortunately, the family lost her apartment and now lives temporarily with relatives.


Since birth, Laith has suffered from cerebral movement disorder and is dependent on a wheelchair. A continuous promotion of the boy was not possible because of the very difficult financial situation of his parents. Due to the main sitting in a wheelchair, the tendons in Laith's knees shortened so that the knees could no longer be moved. They were finally fixed in bent position and completely immobile. This complicated the care of the boy significantly and led to increasing pain. Only through surgery an improvement for Laith and his mother who takes care of him was possible, but Laith's parents could not afford this surgical procedure. Therefore, ‘we care’ paid the costs and Laith was operated on one knee. The operation went well and the doctor who performed the procedure is confident that Laith's situation will improve.

‘We care’ will also pay for the operation of his second knee.


Still a little tired from the surgery, but it went well.

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