May 2024 - Annual Report we care 2023

In the we care 2023 annual report, the difficult situation in Syria, Lebanon, and India is highlighted. In Syria, there is continued political instability under President Assad, while the economic situation is dire and the population suffers from repression. In Lebanon, the 2020 explosion plunged the country into chaos, with a lack of government and difficult supply situation. In India, the political situation worsens under President Modi, while the country grows economically, but education and healthcare continue to pose challenges.

We care finances individual medical aid in these countries, especially for children, and support them with school sponsorships, for example. Only health and a good education can promise the children a better future.

Annual Report we care 2023

Februar 2024 - Tätigkeit im Libanon

We care has been providing emergency medical aid and school sponsorships in Lebanon for several years now. After we were forced to stop our work in Syria almost completely, we are now in the process of expanding our activities in Lebanon. Both the economic and the political situation in the country are extremely difficult. Further information will follow in our annual report 2022.

April 2023 - Beitrag im „Tagblatt der Stadt Zürich“

Sign of hope from Witikon
Over 20 years ago, Ines Schibli set up her small aid organization “we care” as a one-woman business. To this day she tirelessly supports people who urgently need medical care. - Author: Jan Strobel

2019 - Finazierungsstop für Projekte in Indien

In 2019, we were unfortunately forced to end part of our projects in India:

We can continue the following projects:

Medizinische Einzelfallhilfe in Indien, im Libanon und in
Syrien, wie zum Beispiel für "Abeer"


School sponserships in Dörfern auf dem Lande in Westbengalen / Indien und im Libanon.


Help for self-help wie zum Beispiel "A fish pond for Shyamali's father"

Fischteich Shyamalis Vater

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