Did it make sense to found a new aid organisation?

As a rule, it is not possible for large aid organisations to provide assistance to individual people in need or to support smaller projects that are not embedded in an overall development project.

On the other hand, it is not possible for most foundations and organisations to financially support projects that have been created on a private basis as they cannot provide funds to private individuals.

Therefore, it made sense to found a new aid organisation that can help selectively, quickly, and unbureaucratically, for example for school sponsorships and various smaller projects such as installing water pumps, medical care for individuals, or for helping people to help themselves. For example, a sewing machine with a supply of fabric and thread is provided to a mother, a rickshaw is bought for a father, etc.

This is where ‘we care’ comes in – directly, quickly, unbureaucratically.

We care operates in Syria, Lebanon and India.

No donations are used for the ‘we care’ homepage.