Little Zain was 6 months old when his parents asked ‘we care’ for help. Zain suffered from a so-called “Hirschsprung”, a birth defect in which the nerve network which controls the rhythmic contractions of the intestine is missing in a section of the colon. The intestine cannot contract and excrete stool. To achieve a normal intestinal passage of food, an operation was required. Without surgery, Zain's illness can lead to an intestinal obstruction, to an intestinal inflammation, and a possible blood poisoning which may be fatal.


Zain before the operation

Zain's father is a street sweeper in a bigger city in Syria and earns about CHF 30.- per month. The mother is a housewife. Zain was the only child of this very poor family.

‘We care’ paid for the operation as the family would never have been able to take over the costs. The operation proceeded successfully.

Five weeks after the operation
After an initially pleasing course, Zain got increasingly worse and was finally seriously ill. He needed an emergency hospitalisation. A Corona virus infection was noted and little Zain died ten days later on the complications of the infection. His life had only just begun.


Zain (†)

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